Hi! I'm

Chris Janke

Fitness Trainer. Author. Podcaster.

I'm excited to welcome you as a special guest to the Health in the Real World podcast.

Simple Process



    In the days and weeks leading up to your interview, you'll be in communication with Chris. We will let you know each of the next steps, so you can best prepare for the interview.


    On the day and time of your interview, you'll meet Chris in his Zoom room. We have a quick welcome chat, then we get right into the interview. Relax, it's simple and conversational. No trick questions. 


    Once the episode is live, we'll message you with all the information you need to promote your episode. Feel free to post links to it on any of your social media accounts. 

Sample Episodes

Get to know my style as an interviewer, and see some of the questions I ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've interviewed hundreds of guests, each unique in what they have to offer the health and fitness community.

What is the topic of the podcast?

Can I see the episode questions?

Will there be a link so I can post on social media?

How long are the episodes?

Is it free to be on the podcast?

Questions? Text me.

Chris Janke

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